Bet Smart: Your Ultimate Guide to Staying in Control and Gambling Responsibly

Gambling is a widely enjoyed pastime around the world. However, you must maintain moderation and control to ensure your gambling remains a safe and responsible activity.

The following guide will help you:

  • Identify The Risks Of Gambling: Gain a clear understanding of the risks associated with gambling so you can make informed decisions and avoid common mistakes.
  • Adopt Safer Gambling Habits: Get practical advice on how to gamble responsibly. Learn to set limits, manage your finances, and maintain control over your gambling activities.
  • Stay Educated and Vigilant: Equip yourself with strategies and information about responsible gambling. Being informed and vigilant empowers you to make better choices and seek help when necessary.

What You’ll Learn On This Page

The Importance Of Discipline In Gambling

Being disciplined with your online gambling allows you to hold yourself accountable and maintain a healthy balance both for your mental health and financial stability.

It also: 

  • Helps Manage Financial Risks: Setting spending limits prevents financial strain and potential debt.
  • Promotes Healthy Habits: Encourages responsible gambling behaviours and avoids compulsive actions.
  • Reduces The Likelihood of Developing Gambling Problems: Prevents the escalation of gambling from recreational to problematic.
  • Promotes Emotional Well-being: Minimises stress, anxiety, and depression linked to excessive gambling.
  • Ensures fair play: Maintains the integrity and fairness of the gambling experience.
  • Encourages sustainable and balanced enjoyment: Supports a long-term, positive relationship with gambling activity.

To find out more about how you can safeguard yourself against the risks associated with compulsive gambling we highly recommend reading our guide to responsible gambling practices.

Top Tip

When In Doubt, Seek Help!

The majority of people gamble without having any issues, but some may develop unhealthy, compulsive habits. If you or a loved one are concerned, we encourage you to read our article on How to Deal With Problem Gambling .

Practical Tips for Staying in Control

Being disciplined with gambling essentially comes down to sticking to a set protocol and maintaining control at all times. Let’s look at significant actions you can take to ensure you never lose control of your gambling.

Avoid Chasing Losses

By chasing losses, you can quickly spiral into a vicious cycle of increasing bets in a desperate attempt to recoup losses. It’s a sure way to lose even more money. You must accept losses as part of the game and set a firm budget that you stick to whether you win or lose.

Keep a Record of Expenditures

Keep a detailed record of all your gambling-related expenses. This helps you stay aware of how much you’re spending and prevents financial surprises. By tracking your expenditures, you can budget better and discover any potential problems early on.

Set Time Limits

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun, which is why you should set a specific time for each gambling session. By doing so, you ensure you don’t spend more than you intended to simply because you lost track of time and got carried away.

Take Regular Breaks

Frequent breaks help you stay mindful of your actions, keeping you in check so you won’t make emotional decisions. Taking breaks can also reduce the overall time spent gambling, helping you cultivate a healthier balance and avoid getting too absorbed in the activity.

Stay Informed

Educate yourself about the risks of gambling and strategies. Websites like and provide valuable resources. Staying informed empowers you to make better decisions and recognise when you need to seek help.

Never Gamble Under Influence

Don’t gamble when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as these substances can impair your judgment and lead to risky behaviour. Clear-headed decisions are crucial for maintaining control and ensuring your gambling remains a fun, recreational activity.

By implementing these tips, you can enjoy gambling responsibly and keep it an entertaining activity.

Using The Casino’s Responsible Gambling Tools

All licensed online casinos provide these tools to help you manage your gambling activities and stay in control.

Here are some common responsible gambling tools:

  • Deposit Limits: Set a maximum amount you can deposit within a specified period, helping you control your spending.
  • Reality Check: Receive regular reminders about how long you have been playing.
  • Self-Exclusion: Temporarily or permanently block access to your casino account.
  • Time Limits: Set a maximum duration for your gambling sessions, ensuring you take regular breaks.
  • Loss Limits: Restrict the amount you can lose in a single session.
  • Cool-Off Periods: Take short breaks from gambling to regain perspective.
  • Access to Support: Direct links to support organisations offering assistance and advice when needed.

How Much Should I Spend On Gambling?

There’s no standard amount of money to spend on gambling; it’s greatly dependent on your budget and how much you can afford to lose. But, keep in mind it offers no guarantee of profit, so allocate funds for it as any other leisurely activity, where once money is spent, it’s gone.

To set a budget and stick to it:

  • Calculate your monthly income and subtract your expenses and savings.
  • Use a small portion of the remaining amount for gambling.
  • Set weekly and monthly limits.
  • Keep gambling funds in a separate e-wallet for easy tracking.

If you’re worried you might be overspending, the next section is worth reading.

Recognising the Signs of Problem Gambling

Recognising signs of problem gambling involves identifying specific behavioural patterns and emotional changes.

Common signs include:

  • Chasing losses: Continuously gambling to recover lost money.
  • Neglecting responsibilities: Ignoring work, school, or family obligations due to gambling.
  • Mood swings: Experiencing irritability, anxiety, or depression related to gambling activities.
  • Anti-social behaviour: Withdrawing from friends and family to gamble secretly.

Self-assessment questionnaires or quizzes like the ones offered on the GambleAware website, can help you evaluate your gambling habits. Such tools often ask about the frequency and emotional impact of gambling, providing a clearer picture of whether your behaviour is problematic.

Self-awareness is the first step towards addressing gambling addiction. Recognising these signs early can prompt you to seek help and make positive changes. For more details about this, we suggest you read our article on Common Signs of Problem  Gambling.

Top Tip

Here’s Where You Can Get Support

If you suspect you or someone close to you has a gambling problem, seek professional help immediately. To find out more about when and where you can get the necessary support, visit our Directory of Resources and Organizations That Can Help Problem Gamblers.


Responsible gambling means following guidelines to keep gambling fun and prevent addiction. You should set time and money limits, avoid chasing losses, and ensure gambling doesn’t impact work, family, or cause stress. Play responsibly, for entertainment only.

Licensed and regulated casinos are dutybound to promote responsible gambling and provide full transparency about the pastime. They usually have a comprehensive Responsible Gambling page at the footer, offering self-assessments and support group information for identifying and addressing compulsive behaviour.

You can use a checklist provided by online casinos to evaluate your gambling behaviour. This is a straightforward method to determine if your gambling habits are unhealthy.

Yes, major banks offer responsible gambling support. For example, they might block transactions to gambling websites, giving you time to think and confirm if you want the payment to be processed.

First, you need to take a self-assessment test. Then, depending on the gravity of your condition, you’ll need to start disciplining your activity by setting limits, implementing a cooling-off period, and excluding yourself from gambling entirely.

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